\\¦ ̷ ̷ ˌ ̷ ̷ \ adjective
: having an airplane wing whose outer portion folds back along the fuselage to give the plane an arrowhead planform at high speeds

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/swing"wing'/, adj.
(of an airplane) having wings whose horizontal angle to the fuselage centerline can be adjusted fore and aft to optimize aerodynamic performance at widely differing speeds.

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swingˈ-wing (

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swing-wing «SWIHNG WIHNG», noun, adjective.
1. a wing that can be swung in flight to vary the motion of an aircraft for slow, intermediate, or supersonic speeds; variable-sweep wing.
2. an aircraft having such a wing: »

a squadron of swing-wings.

of or having to do with a swing-wing: »

a swing-wing jet fighter.

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n. [usu. as adj.] an aircraft wing that can move from a right-angled to a swept-back position

swing-wing fighter bombers

an aircraft with wings of this design

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ˌswing-ˈwing f11 [swing-wing swing-wings] adjective only before noun
used to describe an aircraft wing that can be moved forward for landing, etc. and backward for rapid flight

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